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Meet our March Model: Kristine Bobb

March 1, 2013

If you’ve flipped to BRAVA‘s March fashion feature, you surely noticed two great things we have this month: Bright, classic trends for spring. And, Kristine Bobb’s million-dollar smile. We mean, really…this woman can smile! And as we quickly learned while working with Bobb, a learning coordinator at Toki Middle School, she has a warm personality to back it up. Here’s what she had to say about her experience modeling for BRAVA.

FashionMarch2013Favorites-15What was it like being a model for a day?
It felt awesome to be pampered and to experience a different approach to style than I normally take. It was my first time wearing false eyelashes, and I loved them! I knew what the shoot would entail overall, but not exactly how the outfits would look and it was a fun surprise to see what Shanna Wolf [BRAVA’s fashion coordinator] put together.

And at first, I felt a little self-conscious posing in front of the camera. But as the photographer and stylists coached me to let my personality come out, I was able to relax.

How would you describe your personal style?
Polished. I put a fair amount of effort into deciding what to wear each day and making sure I look well put together. It makes a statement about who I am as an individual and as a professional.

The looks in the feature are all about versatility. What is your must-have versatile garment?
My black leather moto jacket. I have worn it with a T-shirt and jeans to a Badger game, with a skirt to work, and with purple jeans and high-heeled boots for an edgy look. I also love adding a scarf. Any scarf, any way it’s worn, looks great.

Do you keep up with trends or stick to what you know? 
I try to keep up with the trends, but feel I’m a few steps behind. It takes time to convince myself that I can wear trendy fashions at my age. For example, I thought I could never wear skinny jeans, but learned that they are actually very appropriate for my body type. I am also becoming more comfortable wearing flats and loafers. So, I usually get there, but I’m certainly not on the cutting edge of any new trend.

What’s your favorite fashion advice?
One–Don’t rule something out until you try it on. Two–Get an outside opinion. And three–It’s OK to splurge on something you absolutely love. Just make it’s your must-have item, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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  1. Carole Schulte permalink
    March 1, 2013 8:52 pm

    She has had that million-dollar smile for as long as I can remember and the great personality as well. And I should know cause I’m her mom and not one bit biased!

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