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On the Town: New eco-friendly threads arrive at Chauette

December 20, 2012

Think back to your last clothing shopping trip: the bags, the tags, the stickers, the receipts, the plastic hangers, the cardboard forms inside that fabulous new pair of kicks. There’s no denying it. Retail fashion creates a lot of not-so-eco-friendly trash. This fact has prompted many clothing corporations around the world to reevaluate how their material choices, production methods and packaging affect the environment.

Maureen floral top, available at Chauette

Not surprisingly, many clothing companies are turning to environmentally friendly materials to produce their wears and one such line–Amour Vert–recently arrived on shelves close to Madison. Chauette, a clothing boutique located in Middleton, is now carrying this fashionable line with chic options that range from causal to elegant.

Think shiny, flowy fabrics, ultra-hip striped shirts and simple, sleek dresses with an urban, trendy feel. These are clothes that will definitely make you feel ready to strut the town, while also bragging about how the clothes were made.

Amour Vert is an environmentally conscious corporation whose mission is to provide trendy, sustainable and high-quality clothing using organic material such as bamboo, cotton, silk, soy, hemp and wood pulp. The result is clothing you can feel good about, inside and out!

Check out Amour Vert clothing locally at Chauette at 7466 Hubbard Ave., Middleton or online at

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