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Look-Good, Feel-Good leg Solutions

July 25, 2012

With the summer heat dragging on, shorts season has no end in sight. And since our gams are destined to be in the open air for a few weeks to come, it’s a good time to brush up on beauty basics to keep you feeling confident in your own skin.

For insight on how to banish red bumps, understanding hair removal options and more, we turned to Amanda Reed, licensed medical aesthetician and owner of Amanda Reed Skincare. She offered this insight on making legs feel (and look!) great all summer.

Do different skin types work better for waxing versus shaving?
Most people that can shave can wax as well. I have seen some people have an allergic reaction to some waxes, but not all.  Shaving gives you the benefit of you being able to do it yourself at your own connivence. Waxing, on the other hand, [will keep your legs smooth] four to six weeks,  depending on which area of the body you treat. Facial hair does not have as long of results. Hormonal changes or issues also play a big part on this.

If you are going to wax, what are some pre-appointment rituals you can do to help the process go smoothly?
It is important to not use Retin-A or any other high-level exfoliating moisturizers prior to waxing. Also waxing over open acne pustules is a horrible idea because you may rip the open area of skin, so avoid making an appointment until your skin clears up. Then, the hair should be about a 1/4 inch long in order to have the wax lift from the follicle without any breakage of the hair.
If you chose to shave, is there a particular type of razor or cream that can give you better results?
I do not have a preference on the choice of razor and or shaving cream. I just know that you do need a clean new razor along with shaving cream. Dry shaving causes irritation that can burn when applying lotion afterwards.

We all hear about the “red bumps” that come from shaving the bikini line. Why do these happen?
Ingrown hairs are a huge issue for many women and men. These are usually on the beard area, bikini and underarms. The hair is much coarser and has a hard time finding its way back out of the skin so it just keeps growing and starts to head down. Sometimes a tiny infection starts to develop under the skin and you can actually get a very long hair out of the ingrown hair site.

You say you prefer laser treatments the most for avoiding ingrown hairs and having the best overall hair removal results…why?
I prefer laser treatments in the areas of bikini and underarms and to clean up the beard line on people that repeatedly get ingrown hairs because once someone develops ingrown hairs it toughens up the skin, so they almost always get ingrown hairs in that area. Laser treatments are the cure for this.

Are laser treatments safe for everyone?
Laser treatments are not safe for everyone and not appropriate for all hair. Consult with your local hair removal center to find out if it’s best for you.

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