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Brushing up on Cosmetic Tool Basics

July 18, 2012

A few weeks back we featured a set of amazing makeup brushes we think would make a great staples in any cosmetic tool kit. But we also got to thinking: What can we do to keep our cosmetic brushes feeling like new? For cleaning and upkeep tips and tricks, we turned to Genevieve Schultz, professional skin therapist and makeup artist at Alan Koa Salon Spa, who offered these tips on getting the most out of your brushes.

Clean them correctly: Using one part baby shampoo and four parts water, soak the tip of the brushes for up to ten minutes. Next, gently run your fingers through the brush hairs to loosen up all the debris. Then simply air dry and your brushes will be just like new!

Alternatively, you can purchase a spray brush cleaner to use after each time you use your brushes. Schultz’s favorite is Glo Minerals Spray Brush Cleaner, which has the added plus of leaving your brushes smelling great. After applying your makeup spray the brushes and use a paper towel to rub out any pigment and air dry.

Make it a habit: In general wash your brushes at least once a month. However, you should clean brushes you use with liquid foundations about once a week. The oil and dirt that build up on the brushes can lead to a breakout if you don’t keep your brushes fresh, and keep in mind what Shultz likes to say: ‘The essence to beautiful makeup is beautiful skin.’

Invest in good brushes: Look for a set that works well with your different types of makeup. Powder makeup goes on best with a natural bristle hair brush while synthetic bristles will allow good application for any wet makeup such as cream shadows. Schultz also recommends that when purchasing you give the bristles a slight tug to test and ensure quality. If many hairs fall out, you may want to continue looking for better quality.

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