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Keeping up With: Simply Savvy

June 28, 2012

Striding into Simply Savvy, a consignment shop in Middleton that opened last year, it’s hard to not feel struck by the sheer volume of their offerings. Racks of clothing and accessories for all ages (along with home items) stretch across the store, presenting a plethora of enticing places to begin your shopping adventure.

An array of tops

But after just a moment it also becomes clear that you’ve stumbled into something akin to a dream closet—a variety of products for your home and wardrobe organized into a steady flow of colors and sizes, making it easy to zero in on that particular piece you’re trying to hunt down. (Hint: They have an especially well-stocked selection of clothes for women!)

And thanks to the consignment structure of the store, which provides high-quality, gently used clothing alongside merchandise from local designers and artists, you can bet that no matter how often you pop in, you’ll always find something new.

“It’s like venturing into your favorite department stores, boutiques and art fairs all at once. The merchandise is always changing,” explains store Owner Erin Dubas.

A business-minded mom of four, Dubas says that what has kept the store’s offerings up-to-date, quality and on trend is simple: it’s an enthusiasm in the community to buy and sell through the store.

“We’ve had more than 500 consignors in the last eight months…and processed over 17,000 [items].  That allows us to be really picky about what we take in,” she says.

A selection of summery dresses

Whether you’re looking for something airy to wear on warm summer days, updated work attire, a designer handbag, clothing for your kids, or a few décor items to spice up your home, Simply Savvy provides a one-stop-shopping experience you’ll find plenty of reasons to keep coming back to.

In short:  A friendly, stylish store where you’ll find pieces to give your wardrobe (and the rest of your house!) some renewed pizazz. They take clothes for men, women and children and stock an especially large selection of clothing Dubas says is trendy for women aged 30 and above.

Why you’ll love it:  “You can walk in every week and it looks completely different in here. That’s part of the fun… You never know what’s going to be new,” says Dubas.

On sale now: Not only is inventory throughout the store often changing, Simply Savvy also boasts a large 40 percent off sale rack that is frequently being refreshed with new items.

Where to go: 6333 University Ave., Middleton; (608) 819-8933 or

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