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Real Beauty. No, Really!

April 30, 2012

Here at BRAVA we’re always in the mood to celebrate something. Whether it’s finally sending a new issue off to press, the coming (and hopefully lasting) warmer weather, the general existence of chocolate in its many scrumptious forms…and when it comes to beauty, all that is fabulous, authentic and wholly unique about the various women who make up our community. Nope, we don’t just preach celebrating real beauty, we practice it by featuring local women as our style and fashion models every month in the pages of our magazine.

And we’ve been thrilled to note the many local retailers who also use real women to model their clothes in online catalogues and ads–including Neena, a clothing shop in Middleton which specializes in flowing and uber-comfy active and lifestyle wear for women. Just a few days ago, Neena announced their new “Real Beauty Model Search,” a campaign to promote embracing real beauty in the fashion industry while searching for local models–model unseen. Instead of pulling out measuring tape or pouring through head shots, their model search will consist of an online questionnaire to determine the applicant’s attitude, mindset and lifestyle. Our hats are off to Neena for sending an important message of acceptance and we can’t wait to see which fabulous women they find! For more, visit

And to learn more about Neena, here’s a Q&A with owner Deneen Carmichael on our blog, published shortly after their grand opening last year.

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