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Getting Your Summer Scents to Last

April 27, 2012

The formula for applying perfume is simple, right? Spritz onto wrists, rub wrists together, dab wrists onto neck and rush out the door! But it turns out that this common routine might be keeping you from not just getting the best-smelling fragrance out of your perfume, but getting it last.

Straight from the pages of our May issue, we’re highlighting three of this season’s hottest scents–from classic perfumes to up-and-comers–and then to find out how make them most of them, we’ve linked you to expert advice from the pros at Estée Lauder.

Dune by Dior, $53; Big Pony 2 by Ralph Lauren, $55; Bronze Goddess Capri by Estée Lauder, $57.

A summery spice: Sultry and smooth with an approachable air, Dune by Dior remains fresh and fabulous with a heady mix of vanilla, peony and mandarin.

A sweet bouquet: Flirty and sweet, Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony 2 offers a balance of cranberry and tonka mousse essences light enough for day but sensual enough for night.

A clean breeze: Fresh lemon leaves and mandarin pair with sensual vanilla and jasmine in Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Capri—a warm, welcoming complement to your sun-kissed summer skin.

Online Bonus!
Want Your Scent to Last?
Click here to find great tips on how to give your new fragrance real staying power, courtesy of Estée Lauder.

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