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Retro Glam Makes a Comeback!

April 26, 2012

May is creeping up fast and our newest issue is set to fly off the presses in a few days. But before we dive right into it, we’re taking a look back at our April issue and a timeless beauty trend found in its pages: The retro glam look. From the sultry cat-eye to the pouty red lip, it’s a look that has stood the test of time and is a chic choice for special occasions or lazy days with friends.

In our April issue, we featured great products in our Live in Style pages to help you achieve this trendy look. But for more tips on using the sleek liquid eye-liners, frosty eyes shadows and more that are common for retro glam, we turned to local makeup artist and stylist Ashley Franklin. Here’s her advice:

Makeup by Ashley Franklin

Get the essentials:
In addition to the quick-drying black liquid liner and great red lipstick that create the basis of this look, a primer is essential for makeup that lasts. Use your favorite primer on both your eyelids and face.

Build your look:
If you wear foundation or powder, that should be applied first, and everything else applied over it. Lining your eyes should come next, so that your liner has plenty of time to dry and avoid smudging.  Following that, apply your lip color, and you’re on your way!

Create the perfect cat-eye:
Begin by priming the eyelid. If you’re new to liner, it may be easier to first use a pencil to create a guide line, then trace over that with your liquid liner. Try resting the hand you’re lining with on your cheek for steadiness. This takes practice, so keep the cotton swabs and makeup remover on hand, and practice, practice, practice!

Pick the right red:
To get the most flattering red lip color for you, consider your skin and hair color.  To determine if you have a warm or cool tone in your skin, look at the inside of your forearm–if you see a greenish color, you’re warm, so an orange-y red will look amazing. If your skin looks a little more pink, you’re cool, and you’ll want to stick with a more blue-based red. For the best match, try before you buy!  Department stores and makeup-specific stores will have testers and specialists that can help you find your perfect shade.

Be retro-glam from day to night:
This is a great look for both daytime and nighttime!  But, if red is a little bolder than you want for work, try either a sheer red gloss or swap it for a pink or magenta lip shade.

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