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Behind the Pages: Meet BRAVA’s Stylist

September 23, 2011

While flipping through the pages of BRAVA in the last six months you might have noticed Shanna Wolf’s name. Our resident stylist who is also a contributing photographer (and owner of S. Photography and Styling) Wolf is our style eye in the sky, helping us locate and showcase the best of big trends (in a local setting) every month.

Her approach is personal and practical, with an emphasis on finding comfortable clothing options that boost the confidence of whoever is wearing them. In a nutshell, Wolf locates the items that can be trendy and feel comfortable for much longer than a fashion season because, as she contends, “anything you really like is never going to be out of style.”

For an in-depth look at her current work with BRAVA and the road that led her here, we sat down with Wolf to find out more about her own style and get her tips on why it helps to define yours in your own terms.

BRAVA's stylist, Shanna Wolf

Where do you start when preparing for a fashion feature each month for BRAVA?
Styling starts with the concept given to me from the team. I choose the location, who the models are, what they’re wearing, and who’s doing hair and makeup. At the shoot, I help the women get dressed and move in ways that shows the clothes well. Working with these models (who are always real women), asking them about their style and giving them a chance to reflect is great fun.

How did you originally get involved in styling?
It started at the local magazine Modern Bliss where I was doing photography, and they asked if I was interested in styling as well. I think it was a combination of my knowledge of the stores, my reputation with the store owners and my good eye [for style].

How did you get your start in photography?
I went to school for communications in broadcast and radio, with a strong interest always on the creative side and art. In the industry, I was working with photographers and videographers. I’m self-taught with some mentoring by local photographers.

When did you decide to take the big step of turning it into business?
I always knew I’d be more of an artist. For a few months, I was on staff of old BRAVA as a photographer on the side and learning a lot. Then [the company closed and we were all without jobs], but it was OK, because I had this [idea for a photography business] brewing. I was left with an itch, knowing I could do this, wanting to be more creative. I created my business, working harder to get more clients and doing more freelance work.

What’s your favorite kind of shoot?
I like to be on location [but doing shoots that aren’t] too busy. [Shoots on location] have their own personality and can fit well with the model and clothes. I like shoots where you create a story. You can’t do that in the studio.

Where do you find your inspiration as an artist?
I’m attracted to people, places, magazines and designers who have a strong sense of style you can rely on. People who are true to themselves and know their style inspire me. The way I dress, the art I have up, the way I shoot, my home…everything is all me.

What are you favorite fall trends?
The things I’m seeing that I like are tweeds, clean lines, military inspired and animal prints. I love the houndstooth textile pattern and textured tweed blazers. I’m drawn to classics, things that are always right.

How would you describe your style?
Minimal, functional, clean lines and structured. I like girly things, but when I wear them, I don’t feel like me. When your style is defined, you feel more comfortable and are more confident.

What pieces do you always come back to?
Black cowboy boots I’ve had for years and can wear any season. They’ve translated well into my style. They’re cute with anything. Also, black blazers and wedges with skinny jeans.

What style advice would you give to women?
Clothes are very general, so know your body. See a tailor and have him or her bring it in a little or shorten it if needs be.

See more of Wolf’s work styling local women in trendy ensembles that work for them (and could work for you) every month in BRAVA.

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  1. September 23, 2011 5:11 pm

    Hi! I may be the opposite of you, but you might enjoy my designs:

    ~ Natalia Hacerola

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