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How-To: A Sweet and Sassy Updo

July 20, 2011

Summertime is full of gatherings, from weddings to graduations to family reunions. When you’re heading to your next outdoor shindig, beat the heat with a stylish updo that looks intricate and trendy, but only took ten minutes to accomplish! Anna Mueller from Alan Koa walks us through the steps to a sassy but sweet hairstyle.

  1. Section your hair out. Clip up the hair from the crown of your head so it’s out of the way, and divide your hair between the front and back.
  2. Put the hair from the back section into a side ponytail. If you have side sweeping bangs or plan on creating that look, put the ponytail on the opposite side of the direction your bangs are going in for a more balanced updo.
  3. Curl the front pieces that have been left out away from the face; spray with hairspray. Lightly backcomb (comb from the ends of your hair to the roots to push the hair down, creating texture and volume) the ponytail. Twist it into a bun, pinning with bobby pins as you go along. This will look best if it’s done haphazardly to create a look that’s messier and not so perfectly coiffed.
  4. Unclip the hair from the crown of your head and lightly backcomb the section of hair. Divide the hair into two sections- a top section and a bottom section; lightly twist each section at the ends of the hair, and pin the twists on top of the bun.
  5. Grab the curled hair from the front section and pull it back to the bun, overlapping on top of the recently created twist. Pin and tuck all pieces around the bun, leaving some pieces sticking out for a messy look.
  6.  You can leave your bangs or a bit of the front section out in front, if you choose.

Anna finished the look off with a dry hairspray (as opposed to a wet one, which she says can distort your updo because your hair becomes wet and dries crunchy). Her favorite is L’Oreal Infinium, which is available in different levels of hold. She insisted that this hairstyle must be kept loose though; the more imperfections, the better! To finish everything off, she pinned on a cute, flower hair accessory for a touch of girly sass.

Alan Koa Salon Spa, 202 State St. 4th floor, Madison; (608) 284-1956 or

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