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Meet the June Model: Kristina Miller

June 27, 2011

This June, BRAVA was thrilled to finally get the chance to head into the scenic outdoors for our monthly fashion feature. Not only did we find the perfect location in the backyard of the Cottage Goddess, nestled in picturesque Paoli (see previous post for more about their charming bridal getaway), we were also thrilled when we snagged Kristina Miller as our model. And before we get set to sail ahead to the style inspiration you’ll find in our July issue, we’re taking a moment to bid June a fond adieu with a closer look at our BRAVA beauty of the month.  

Describe your experience at the BRAVA shoot and what it was like working with the BRAVA crew.
Initially, I was so nervous—I had never done anything like this before! My biggest fear was that the clothes would not fit as I’m short and don’t have the stereotypical ‘model’ body type. But working with Shanna, Kristin, David, Ashley, Taylor and Kailey put me at ease instantly. There was a lot of laughter, and I had a great time. Prior to the shoot, Shanna had forwarded me a photo of Cottage Goddess, and I instantly fell in love with it. And maybe I felt very relaxed because the clothing and the scenery felt very ‘me.’ In one of the shots, we used Shanna’s adorable dog, Elroy (pictured above)…and I loved it because my childhood pet was also a Bichon Frise, so it was a great memory for me. I cannot reiterate enough: I had a wonderful time!

What was your favorite look from the shoot?
I really liked the first look with the white shirt from French Connection and the shorts. It just looked like such a casual shot. Peonies are my favorite flowers, and I loved the bike from Century House. I thought it turned out great! I ended up buying these ‘Big Buddha’ shoes that did not make it into the magazine, and I bought the cream dress from The Purple Goose (pictured above).

What did it feel like to see yourself all styled-up in a magazine?
I was wondering why I can’t look like that every day! (laughs) I was very pleased with how everything turned out and when I got to see it in print, it instantly made me remember a very fun and special day.

What is your history with fashion? (any bad haircuts or big hair stories?)
Fashion is fun; it’s art to me. I do love paging through catalogs and fashion magazines. I wish I had the patience to learn how to sew because I’d love to make my own things. In the summer, you will usually see me in a dress. In the winter, I love cozy sweaters and heeled boots. I used to be pretty obsessed with my hair color; I have dyed it every single color, except green and orange. Yes, I’ve even attempted platinum! I think the worst hair style though, was when I was in third grade…I had the permed bangs and the straight hair. I still wince when I think about it.

A lot of your looks were easy summer fashions. What is your favorite Madison summer activity?
I love Madison festivals! The food, the drinks, the music…I want to try to get to as many as I can this year. I also love the Farmers’ Market and I look forward to day trips that my husband and I randomly take over the weekends.

What is your favorite fashion trend?
I love sunglasses. And boots. I’m not sure if I would describe myself as trendy, because I wear what I love to wear. I think I lucked out this season though because I love flowy dresses, cream or ivory colored light blouses, tunics, lace, etc. My personal style is very feminine—I like to say I’m a tomboy disguised as a girly-girl. I also hate skinny jeans! Give me flared jeans or wide leg pants any day!

What fashion advice would you give to other women?
Trends are fun, but they don’t always flatter everyone. I know there are a lot of current trends that look hideous on me. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, move onto the next piece of clothing. Confidence is sexy, and finding something you can be yourself in, while successfully nailing that ‘look’ or ‘feeling’ you’re trying to convey, will never go out of style!

Thanks Kristina! And a big thank you to the following for all the items featured in our June fashion feature:

ANiU Salon & Spa | 2275 Deming Way, Middleton; (608) 833-2898

Bop | 222 W. Gorham St., Madison; (608) 255-2570

Boston Store | East Towne Mall, Madison; (608) 241-2111 and West Towne Mall, Madison; (608) 833-9799

The Century House | 3029 University Ave., Madison; (608) 233-4488

The Cottage Goddess | 6890 Paoli Rd., Belleville; (608) 235-2771

Karen & Co. | 307 State St., Madison (608) 258-5500

The Purple Goose | 400 W. Verona Ave., Verona; (608) 845-2368

Serrv | 2701 Monroe St., Madison; (608) 233-4438

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