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In the Spotlight: Verona’s Sweet Repeats

June 1, 2011

As the warm weather beckons, we’ve got the urge to get out and explore. And this month we’ve been moseying around Verona, a cheerful town highlighted in the June issue of BRAVA that boasts welcoming green spaces to enjoy lazy summer days and unique shopping you can’t find anywhere else.

For a closer look inside one of Verona’s must-visit clothing boutiques, we headed to Sweet Repeats, a charming consignment shop with one-of-a-kind finds at a stylish price that make it a treat for both your wardrobe and wallet.

The story: Sensing a demand for a consignment shop with high-quality vintage clothing in Verona, Julia Fleener opened Sweet Repeats in October 2010, which has since become a trendy shopping destination with up-to-date pieces for women and children.

How it works: Make an appointment with Julia to bring in gently used clothing and she’ll pick which garments she thinks will sell in her store. Julia sets the prices and when garments are sold, consignors receive 50 percent. If your pieces haven’t sold in eight weeks, you have the option to pick them up or Julia can donate them to local charities. Meanwhile, everyone can come into the store and shop and peruse their goodies to their hearts’ content!

Why you’ll love it: Whether you’re cleaning out your closet, or browsing for new treasures, Sweet Repeats is a great place to do both. The store specializes in carrying clothing of excellent quality from labels you’ll recognize, trust and love. You can pick up classic yet modern pieces and look chic in a flash, or create mix-and-match outfits for a unique and quirky look that’s all you.

Why you need it: With modern, name-brand pieces at prices you can’t beat (the median price for dresses is $25), your wallet will salivate at the sweet deals. Plus, if you have old clothes lying around that are still in good shape, you can bring them in and potentially make a few bucks. Making money at a clothing store? Yes, please!

Sweet Repeats is located at 600 W. Verona Ave., Suite 4, Verona; (608) 514-8951 or

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  1. Janice McDaniel permalink
    June 1, 2011 1:47 pm

    I loved you magazine, now that I have moved from Madison to TX because all my children are here, I am really missing out on all the fun things that I could be doing up there. Madison was my home for 70 years, but please keep sending me the emails!


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