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Thanks, Mom!

May 5, 2011

We asked, and wow, did you answer! Thanks to everyone who responded to the question: What is your favorite characteristic you got from your mom? Because we couldn’t include all of the entries in the pages of our May issue, we thought we’d share them with you here!

My favorite characteristic I got from my Mom was her dimples. They are in the exact same spot and growing up I hated them. Now when I look at pictures of my Mom, Susan, and I, I smile. Our facial features are the same, and our dimples show in the same spot. —Miranda Walker


What is my favorite physical characteristic I received from my Mom? Her beautiful eyes. I have often heard that the eyes are the window to your soul; which through her eyes you see a beautiful person. Thankfully I was lucky enough to mimic her eyes.

My mom speaks with her eyes, people who meet her (and I) comment on this! When she is angry and trying to hide it…she is unsuccessful, and so am I! But, when we are happy our eyes have such a beautiful twinkle to them, that the whole world will smile when looking into them. —Stephanie Dischler


My favorite thing I got from my mom, my best friend, is her vivacious smile. Even when I had braces I couldn’t help but smile so proudly!—Danielle Oleston


My favorite feature is “our” smile. We smile the same, and can smile on command. When we take photos we can hold and hold and hold that smile. Recently my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and through it all, she still smiles and finds the good in every moment. She’s an amazing lady, and the best mom around. —Sarah Popp


I feel so very blessed to have a mom that is in my life everyday! I am so honored to be able to call my mother my friend.

Other than the obvious good genes I received from my mom (She is beautiful!), I feel the best thing I got from my mom is my character. My mom is generous, kind, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, and FUN! My mom has taught me that the power of positive thinking combined with faith in the Lord can carry you through even the most difficult times. —Tracy Tiedeman


There are lots [I’ve learned from my stepmom]! My business drive and determination, my professionalism, my sense of culture due to our travels, but most of all my fashion sense! I LOVE to shop with her and I’m always really happy when she cleans her closet! —Nikki Kreps


My favorite physical characteristic that I got from my mother is her warm and radiating smile. She can light up any room with it! Happy Mother’s Day Mom I love you! —Kelli Siddall


Thank you so much to everyone above and the women featured in our May issue. Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all!

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