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Is Wearing a Purse Wearing You Down?

April 14, 2011

Have you ever just wanted to ditch your purse and hit the town but didn’t have a place to stash your essentials? Whether out for a run or out on the town, here’s a product that solves the dilemma. Purse-les is a line of stylish sport and tank tops perfect on their own or for layering with different outfits. And with signature interior pockets, they make it easy to keep small items–from little electronic devices to credit cards–in a secure place. Their versatility allows them to be worn under everyday office clothing as well. You can find them online at

With apparel that boasts an emphasis on safety and style, we wanted to hear more about how the brand unfolded from the Wisconsin-based stylist and founder herself, Leslie Van Dorf:

How did you decide to start Purse-Les?

The idea for Purse-Les came from a few different experiences. The first was when I noticed that women were keeping personal items in their undergarments, and I wanted to make it functional as well as stylish. The other reason is that there are places where it is just inconvenient to carry a purse or that you don’t wish to for safety reasons.

What are the benefits of Purse-less apparel for women?

Since I have been a stylist for over 20 years, I am interested in women feeling good about themselves as well as providing them a measure of safety. Purse-Les was designed by women for women. The pockets are strategically placed to carry essential items when it is inconvenient to carry a purse.

Who wears Purse-less clothing?

The beauty of Purse-Les is that it is for women of all ages and with varying interests. I have customers from 12 to 80 years young. Purse-Les can be customized to fit any women’s unique interests and lifestyle. I have even gotten a great response from men who don’t wish to carry their wives/girlfriends items when she doesn’t want to carry a purse. It is also perfect for the woman who has everything, since it is a unique and affordable gift.

Do you hope to expand your brand and clothing line into other areas?

My daughter and I are currently working on other designs such as evening wear, a halter top, as well as the perfect little Black Purse-Les dress. I have even been approached by men wondering when I will design something for them!

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