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In the Mood for a Little Spring Bling?

March 14, 2011


Now that the snow is finally melting, it’s time to find a new mood—or accessory—that brightens your day.

This month we’re loving jewel tones that sparkle in the sun and add the perfect touch of bling to any ensemble. And when went around town to look for the blue beauties featured in our March issue, we also came across these fetching options.

Whether faux or real (like our selections below), stepping out in a colorful gem is sure to make your springtime a little sparklier.

Clockwise from center bottom:
Blue topaz, amethyst, peridot, citrine ring with diamonds, at Lee Dorn Jewelers; 6101 Mineral Point Dr., Madison.
Sterling silver sapphire ring (mulit-color), at Chalmers Jewelers. 6202 University Ave., Middleton.
18K yellow gold and green tourmaline ring, at William Fuhrmann. 3258 University Ave., Madison.
Pink sapphire and diamond ring, at  Goodman’s Jewelers. 220 State St., Madison.
18K yellow sapphire ring by Phillip Zahm, at T.Q. Diamonds. 7058 Mineral Point Dr., Madison.


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