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A Fashionable Night Out

March 11, 2011

This month at BRAVA we’re getting ready to brush off winter’s chill and hit the town, whether it’s out on a bike ride, on a stroll with the family or—sometimes most sorely needed—on a night out with friends. In our March issue we detailed a host of fresh ideas for a ladies night out, including a new trend with retailers around town: Private shopping parties.

This, we’ve decided, is one of the best ways to shop. Grab a group of friends and book a private party at a local retailer and you not only get to browse the latest styles after hours—meaning you have both the store and the attention of their staff all to yourself—the stores also offer a discount on what you buy. Spending time with friends while shopping for discounted new clothes? It’s the recipe for a happy night.

At Francesca’s boutique—located at West Towne Mall and Greenway Station in Middleton—you can book a private shopping party for a minimum of five people. Parties are generally scheduled for Sundays, when the store closes at 6 p.m. (instead of the usual 9 p.m.). Although there is no purchase requirement, the host will receive 20 percent off her purchase while her guests will receive 10 percent off whatever they buy.

Suzen Sez, another boutique specializing in women’s clothing, also offers private shopping parties. And in addition to giving a $75 gift certificate to the host of the party and 20 percent off to guests, they sweeten the deal by serving appetizers and wine. What more could you want? Check their website for the details.

Because this is still a new kind of service, some retailers may not be advertising if they offer it yet. But it never hurts to ask! Check with your favorite store to see if you can book a private shopping party there, too.

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