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Simply Sexy (For all Sizes)

February 10, 2011

Waaay back in November, we interviewed Molly Ringwald (yes THAT Molly Ringwald) about Hollywood, family and life after 40 as she details it in her book “Getting the Pretty Back.” Throughout the book, she discusses both the funny and heartfelt emotions she experienced as she turned 40. Then she offered up a few tips. One of our favorites? “Beautiful underwear is the ultimate morale booster.”

Whether it’s your little secret under your business suit or a lacy get-up for your significant other’s eyes only, we couldn’t agree more. In case you missed it in our February issue (and in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day), we’re celebrating feeling sexy by featuring a local store that’s all about helping you find your perfect underthings: La Lingerie.

La Lingerie, MadisonThe story: Feeling fed up with the short supply of fun and flirty bras for real women in Madison, Katherine Bice took matters into her own hands, opening La Lingerie—an undergarment boutique specializing in sexy, supportive bras for women of all shapes and sizes.

How it works: New customers meet one-on-one with Bice in private for a consultation and fitting. There is a $100 minimum purchase per appointment, which typically lasts from one to two hours.

Why you’ll love it: No blah, beige bras for the big-chested here! The shop carries premium undergarments with features such as thin straps and lace material that make even G cups flirty and comfortable.

Why you need it: When it comes to boosting self-image, the right lingerie can be uplifting in more ways than one.

La Lingerie is available by appointment only as well as for select open house days weekly. Find La Lingerie at 845 E. Johnson St., Madison; (608) 630-9294 or online at as well as on Facebook.

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