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Breaking Those Beauty Bad Habits

January 28, 2011

This month inside BRAVA, we’ve put together our annual “How-to Guide” to offer you a few tips and tricks from local experts that we hope will help you simplify your life. To help you break your beauty bad habits, we turned to Kati Corbett, owner of Be Inspired Salon. She offers a few tips (and product recommendations) to help you put your freshest face forward each day!


Washing your hair daily.
Unless your scalp produces an outrageous amount of oil, there is no reason you should be washing your hair every day. In fact, this is actually damaging to your hair because it takes your hair out of its natural acidic condition, which has a drying, stripping effect.

The solution: Spray a restyling product in your hair to release your “bed head,” then style as usual. For those with an oilier scalp, try a dry shampoo like the Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, pictured at the right.


Over-tweezing your brows.
Your eyebrows frame your face. Today, thin eyebrows aren’t in style. What is? A fuller, youthful brow with a minimal arch. Repeated over-tweezing can result in misshapen brows and bare spots. And over the years, hair won’t grow back. We also lose eyebrow hair as we age, which can force us to fill them back in. If not filled in properly, you could end up looking older than you should.

Solution: Let a pro shape your brows, then simply tweeze around this shape. You want your eyebrows to start and end on the inner and outside of the eye. The shape in between should have a natural arch that isn’t too high. If you have over-plucked and need to fill-in areas, try an eyebrow brush, not a pencil. This will give you a softer, more natural appearance. We love the Brow Artiste set by Youngblood Cosmetics.


Using heat without protection.

No, no, no! When 90 percent of us receive color or highlighting services, we’re already playing Russian roulette with our hair. Treat your hair like an expensive cashmere sweater. You wouldn’t just throw it in the washer and dryer. If you use extreme heat on your hair, protect it so you don’t fry your locks.

Solution: Look for a thermal protection spray or lotion to use before you blow dry, straighten or curl your hair. Blow-dryers get very hot, so start with a wet-to-dry thermal protection spray or lotion. Most of these can be cocktailed with your favorite volume- or root-boosting pre-dry products as well. Once your hair is dry, begin with the end in mind. Are you straightening? Then try an easy-slip thermal shine spray or cuticle polisher. Are you curling? Look for a flexible styling spray or light wax mist. Remember, hairspray doesn’t style your hair, it only “sets” your style. One recommendation: Pureology Cuticle Polisher shine serum.

Using old cosmetics
Recommendations to replace cosmetics are not the industry’s way of making more money—it’s about eliminating potential problems such as blemishes or unwanted breakouts due to bacteria that will start to grow not only in your makeup products, but in your makeup brushes as well.

Solution: Replace eye pencils and mascaras every three months. Replace powders or any products you dip brushes or your fingers in about every six months. This is also a good thing because our skin’s pigment not only changes with the seasons, but also with age. Finally, spray your brushes daily for basic sanitation and deep clean them monthly with a professional brush cleaner to full disinfect. Try Youngblood Cosmetics Pro Brush Cleaner.

Find all products at Be Inspired Salon at 425 S. Yellowstone Dr., Madison; (608) 271-2771.


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