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The Trendsetter: A Watchful Eye on Fashion

November 30, 2010

If someone asked me, “What is the one thing you could never leave the house without wearing?” my answer would be my watch. I know it sounds ridiculous but I hate not being able to know what time it is at every hour of my busy day and I feel naked without it on my wrist.

Oversized watches will always be in style no matter what season or year it is. With Christmas just around the corner, a watch is a great gift idea (I know I’m asking Santa for one). The first place to start when deciding what kind of watch you want is to think of the jewelry you already have in your collection. Look to see if you have mostly silver or mostly gold jewelry and go from there. Some watches mix gold and silver but I prefer a sleeker look with all gold or all silver.

Rhinestone embellishments are seen on almost half of the watches in stores and this detail gives your watch that extra touch of personality. If you aren’t afraid of a little bling and want to spice it up I suggest looking for a watch that has rhinestones circling the face of the watch. My favorite watches are by Michael Kors–they’re classic watches with a bit of edgy style.

When it comes to men and gift ideas, the more guidance they get, the better!  If you’re a woman who knows exactly what she wants, place a picture of your dream watch on the refrigerator or dresser and I’m sure he’ll get the hint!

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