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Ask Rosalee: Crimping, a Chic Alternative to Curling

November 15, 2010

Dear Rosalee,

I absolutely love the fashion spread in the November issue of Brava! The model looked luminous! I really like her hair. Can you tell me how you did that? Thanks! Keep up the great work!

-Cindy, 45; Madison

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for your kind words! Lou was so much fun to work with on this shoot. She really is luminous from the inside out. She was up for anything and it really shows.

When I discussed having texture be the concept for the November issue, I knew I had to carry it through into the hair. Lou’s hair just skims the top of her shoulders and she normally wears it down. I wanted to pull it back to show off her beautiful face. Right away I knew the key to giving her the perfect textured updo–crimping.

Crimping is the new trendy way to add texture to hair without curling. It can also work well with curly hair (either naturally curly or twisted into locks with a curling iron).

Now this is not the same crimping of the 80’s!  But unless you want to conjure bad memories of teased bangs and big scrunchies, you have to be careful when crimping hair and leaving it down. The trick is to create a more updated and chic style by molding your crimped locks into a sophisticated updo.

I crimped Lou’s hair using a standard size crimper and a micro crimper, alternating sections between the two. After all of her hair was crimped, I saw where it naturally parted in the front. I went with that and started folding sections over and lightly pinning them with bobby pins. The following sections were folded on top of the last section, creating a mock braided effect. If your hair is longer, you could also update a standard braid by first crimping your hair to create a wavier and more elaborate look.

When you give crimping a try don’t be afraid to use different size crimping irons. Start by only crimping a few sections and use those pieces to add texture to your favorite upstyles. It can create the perfect luxurious style for holiday parties this season.

Check out the behind the scenes video from the November fashion shoot. You will see a great close up of Lou’s hair!

Have confidence Dolls,  you are beautiful!


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