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The Trendsetter: The “New Black”

November 9, 2010

Black. It may be one of the best neutral colors out there for its chic feel and fantastic ability to make any woman look slimmer. It’s so easy to reach for black when shopping because everyone looks great in it. But every now and again, a new color pops up on the scene, a color I like to call “the new black.”And for the time being, the new black is navy.

Navy has the same classic appeal but unlike black, this dark hue adds a touch of unpredictability to your outfit. I think most women struggle with navy because they believe it’s a hard color to pair other pieces of their wardrobe with. But don’t worry! These simple guidelines will help you look as effortlessly beautiful in navy as you do in black.

If you have a navy top, remember that you have to wear it with light-washed jeans. Dark wash jeans are great for every occasion. Dark washed jeans are the perfect mix of trendiness and sophistication and it is not of fashion faux pas to keep your outfit monochromatic and only wear navy. Just as wearing all black can look sleek and stylish, so you can the all navy look.

The key to wearing all one color is accessorizing properly. Break up your all navy outfit with a pop of color in your shoes or bold jewelry. Gold jewelry pairs perfectly with navy and is my favorite accessory with an all navy ensemble. But be careful if wearing a navy top with black pants. It’s not that these colors don’t go well together but because they are so close, people may think you dressed yourself in the dark!

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