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The Muse: Ringleader

November 5, 2010

Hands down, Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday. Who doesn’t love morphing into character and playing dress up for a night? Inspiration for my costume this year came from a distinctive sequined hat found at a Janesville shop. I had to have it. I searched the costume aisles for a good 40 minutes and realized nothing there was going to do this hat justice.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. Inspired by a recent “Glee” episode, it occurred to me that I have never once dressed up as Britney Spears. A flashback of spring 2009 came to mind…when a large group of friends and I went to see Spears’ “Circus Tour” in Chicago. The show’s costumes were out of this world. I used Google to search images of circus ringmasters and found some inspiration of how to bring this outfit together. (DSquared designed the Circus Tour costumes.)

I saw it, and I had to try it…(with of course, my own spin on it). Note: I can’t sew. My mom can’t sew. Nana doesn’t sew. As a child, I was always deprived the opportunity to have custom-made princess costumes. Mom did her best to use tacky glue and giant rhinestones to add flare to garments…but it wasn’t the same. I have taken classes and even bought a $200 sewing machine from JoAnn Fabrics in hopes of forcing myself to learn. Still, no luck. On the bright side, I am extremely visual. I can picture something in my head and create it. Hence, hand-sewing is definitely doable.

Homemade costumes are fun to make and easier than it looks, trust me! I hit up Ragstock and purchased a vintage designer suit jacket for $15. While digging in my basement, I stumbled upon a red boa (very sassy!). Six inches were snipped off each end and the red clusters of feathers were set aside.  I dug in my great-grandmother’s antique sewing box searching for embellishments. Buttons. Anything. An old necklace served well for chain detailing in the lower front opening of the jacket. A few more snips, some pinning, and VOILA, a masterpiece. The embellishments were all hand-sewn on the garment. I was surprised to see the feather idea actually worked out! (They made for great statement shoulder pieces.)

On that note, I leave you with this for your enjoyment…

“We are constantly evolving into who we are…we are always growing.”



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