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Ask Rosalee: Makeup Brushes

November 1, 2010

Dear Rosalee,

Is it okay to use the brushes that come with blush and eye-shadows, or should you buy separate brushes? Thanks!

-Alice, 45; Verona

Hello Alice,

The little brushes that come with blush and shadow kits can definitely be used to apply your makeup, just maybe not in the way you thought. The blush brushes that come in your blush kits are often too short and stiff to apply your blush evenly, but they work great to apply a light shimmery shade of eyeshadow across your lid instead. I like to use the tip of the eyeshadow pad as a way to apply eyeshadow as a liner. Just wet the tip with a little water, press into a dark shadow and line eyes.

There are amazing makeup brush sets on the market in all different price ranges. MAC, Bobbie Brown and Sephora brand are my top choices when you want to invest in a great brush. I use the Sephora Collection Double-Ended Perfect Complexion Brush on every photo shoot to achieve a complexion that really is perfect.

Using my Sephora Collection Double-Ended Perfect Complexion Brush

Model, Paige Butler on a shoot with photographer, Timothy Hughes for designer, Ariel Gold's lookbook

An inexpensive option for brushes would be the great brushes from elf. I have mentioned them before in this Ask Rosalee post. I love these brushes! They work so well and they are only a $1 a piece!

Another alternative for makeup brushes can be found at our local craft stores. Pop into one of the stores listed and check out the brushes used for painting.

Artist & Craftsman Supply| 449 State St., Madison, WI |(608) 251-2977
Have confidence Dolls,  you are beautiful!


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