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The Muse: Introducing…Chelsea

October 29, 2010

Hi! I’m Chelsea. I’m a Cancer and I love long walks on the beach. (No really, I do!) On Fridays I will be sharing my personal experiences with fashion, beauty products, and everything in between…both the good and the bad! I have a handful of great things I’ve been wanting to try this fall, so stay tuned.


What was the best fashion or beauty advice you’ve ever received?

True fashion is finding balance between classic, sexy and smart. Know your boundaries and be aware of what you can and cannot do. Above all, have confidence.

Who is your fashion icon?

David Bowie is a fashion icon. (Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies!) I personally do not mirror his looks, but he truly is a genius. Bowie served as a legend in the fashion and music industries for decades…always coming up with something new and unexpected. He was the original master of  extraordinarily odd ensembles (long before Lady GaGa.) If I had to narrow it down, my personal fashion icon is Blake Lively. She has a great eye for piecing the right items together.

What was your biggest fashion or beauty disaster?

Trying to wax my own eyebrows in middle school. The wax was too hot and took some skin off. Ouch!

You can only wear the wardrobe from one movie for the rest of your life. What movie would it be?

The Great Gatsby. I’m a huge fan of 1920’s fashion.

What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

I can only pick one?! This season it’s my Dankso Penelope Boots!

Who or what is your biggest style influence?

This last year I worked at the Buckle in Janesville and ever since then I’ve found myself piecing and layering more items into one outfit to make it feel complete.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Earthy, Versatile, Classic

What’s currently on your wish list?

The Little Stam bag (in petal) by Marc Jacobs, available at Twigs

What beauty products can’t you live without?

Mascara and lip gloss are a must. My favorite mascara (that has been discontinued) was Fatale by Lancome. Since then, I’ve switched to the vibrating kind called Oscillation by Lancome, and I love it! For lip gloss, I like to feel girly so I’ve been stuck on using Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Kanani since springtime. The Buxom Lips color comes in a pretty pink and has a plumping formula. It’s just the right amount and nothing like Lisa Rinna’s pout.

What is your favorite outfit that you’ve worn, and why?

My favorite outfit this year was a ruffled pink and black cocktail dress I wore to a friend’s wedding. I felt amazing wearing it. It’s the type of piece that makes you feel feminine and sexy, yet still retains its class. Dress $40, H&M. Necklace $100, J.Crew.

“We are constantly evolving into who we are…we are always growing.”

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