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Ask Rosalee: Steaming

October 11, 2010

Dear Rosalee,

I am thinking about buying a steamer. Is it easier to use a steamer or an iron? Which do you prefer?

-Anne, 45; Madison

Hi Anne,

Thanks so much for your question! Steam is the gentlest, safest and most efficient way to remove wrinkles. In my opinion, steaming is much faster than ironing. Also, it is guaranteed not to scorch even the most delicate fabrics. I prefer a steamer to an iron any day.

Although, steaming can be a bit tricky. For the best results, follow these simple tips:

  • Some fabrics, like velvet, can be steamed better from the underside. This allows the steam to relax the fibers of the material, which removes the wrinkles. It’s best to double check if your fabric is safe to be steamed.
  • Pants may be easily steamed by hanging them by the cuff. Gravity will help pull the wrinkles out.
  • Always steam with hose in upright position. We want the collected condensation to flow back into the steamer. If steaming in a low position near the floor, frequently straighten the hose to keep it clear of condensation.
  • When steaming, lightly touch the material with steam head. The combination of the steam and the steam head will pull the wrinkles out instantly.
  • Be careful not to touch the steam head. The steam is very hot and can burn your skin if you touch it directly.


Our Reporter, Caroline steaming away!



Our Trendsetter, Mallory is a master steamer!


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