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The Reporter: Be Inspired Salon

October 8, 2010
It has reached that time of the year when people are itching for new hairstyles and new looks. This week we talked to Kati Corbett, artistic director of Be Inspired Salon, about the latest trends in hair and beauty and how we all might find a little inspiration from her salon.
1. Please explain the history behind Be Inspired Salon and how it got to the point it is at today.
I previously owned my own salon but soon found myself at  capacity with my clientele. I had to either say “no” to business, increase prices which could be devastating in a tough economy, or face my fears and take the entrepreneurial plunge.  Eleven months of planning and preparation and here we are. Our commercial space had to be completely gutted and remodeled. It’s Bold. It’s Beautiful. It’s Be Inspired Salon.

2. How does Be Inspired Salon differ from other salons in the area?
We love answering this question because there are so many reasons.  We want people to know they don’t have to be rich to receive the million dollar treatment. We pamper you with local coffee, tea and art.  You receive a complimentary hand massage with every service. We offer a relaxing aromatherapy spray over you while you put your feet up during your Shampoo and Conditioning experience. We haven’t forgotten your men, and also added our steamed towel wrap for them as well.  You’re able to “try before you buy” similar to Sephora, we give complimentary samples of almost every product we carry.  I could go on and on…you must experience this for yourself!

3. What is the message/motto behind Be Inspired Salon?
Our mission is to inspire you to believe in who you are and empower you to be truly authentic on the inside and out.  

4. What are the fall trends you see in make-up and hair this season?
We offer our new female clients a complimentary make-up application with any service. You will notice that the Smokey eye is hot, but not necessarily shading with the standard charcoal and black tones. We’re super excited about the Smokey Forest which is utilizing Green tones for your eye application along with the Brunette Smokey which is applying your smokey eye with shades of Brown.

We love the three newest fall cuts. First is the Blunt Cut which is bold blunt lines on and around  our perimeter.  The second is our Ace.  This is your 1980’s Asymmetrical style with modern flair. Finally, the Layered with Fringe. We know that longer hair clients want change but don’t want to sacrifice length. So add a bang and boom, you’ve got a trendy change that completely transforms your look. 

5. Where do you hope to see the Be Inspired Salon in the next five years?
We love that we are an intimate setting.  I know we’ll come to that crossroads for expansion and at this time we hope to open a second location.  It’s simple. Our clients will tell us where they want us and we will be there for them.

6. Woman to woman, what is your biggest piece of beauty advice?
Be your best you!  We haven’t all been blessed with voluptuous hair, or flawless skin. Most of us wish we had the body of Jennifer Aniston or the strong and sexy personality of Queen Latifah.  We are all meant to shine.  Take pride in what you have going for yourself.  Strive for constant and never-ending improvement.  And  love that you are uniquely divine. 

Brava Readers, I hope you feel inspired from the Be Inspired Salon and follow through with those fall trends you want to try out on your own. Be beautiful and divine! If you are interested in finding out more about Be Inspired Salon, contact info is listed below:

Be Inspired Salon
425 South Yellowstone Dr
Madison, WI 53719
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