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The Muse: Mother Knows Best!

October 1, 2010


photo credit Boston Herald, Mad Men, Lionsgate Television


A few weeks back, in my A Salute to Fall Fashion blog, I briefly touched on the subject of vintage jewelry. This week, we’re going to explore vintage jewelry a bit more, taking some style cues from the fab ladies of AMC’s hit series Mad Men. First stop, gals: your mother’s jewelry box? It is a treasure chest! Classic earring studs, beautiful pins and brooches, fabulous cocktail rings, oh my!

As we’ve seen, menswear and military styles are everywhere this fall and vintage jewelry is the perfect way to add a little glam and femininity to these trends.  You don’t have to be wearing those looks, however,  to love vintage adornment.  Taking a peek into the past, you’ll see a plethora of pearls…and they work with almost anything.  When wearing just a single strand of pearls, I feel very classic and a smidge more “dressed up” than if I didn’t have them on.  When I start layering strands of different lengths, I definitely feel my outfit taking on a more dramatic tone.


photo credit, Mad Men, Lionsgate Television


I’m loving all of the oversized earring studs we’re seeing again.  Pearls studs are such an easy way to add instant class to a look or completely soften a more masculine trend.  And the more ornate earring studs, I especially love. As soon as I put them on, I feel my entire outfit coming together.  They’ll definitely add something special to your look.  Whether you tend to be more classic or err on the eclectic side of fashion, vintage studs will fit the bill.  Need I mention a good cocktail ring?  The simplest way to sass up any number, and totally fun to boot!


photo credit Huffington Post, Mad Men, Lionsgate Television


And finally, another way to incorporate vintage jewelry and give your look a little extra sparkle is by pinning a beautiful brooch on your pashmina or scarf before you head out the door.  It is super easy yet very chic, and will help you tune in to that vintage vibe!

As always ladies, have fun with this! Until next week,


“I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”–Mae West

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