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The Trendsetter: Leopard Print – Rawr

September 28, 2010

Attention all fashionable women! From the fashion risk takers to those who prefer a classic look, all women can wear this next trend in one way or another and just a touch is bound to leave you prowling for more. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am referring to animal prints. The latest print that has been showing up everywhere is leopard print. When it comes to wearing leopard print, the possibilities are endless. Just a hint of leopard print will make you feel sophisticated and sexy. What’s not to love about that?

If you have enough confidence to make a statement with this trend, less is definitely not more. A garment that is fully leopard print is perfect for you to try out with either a jacket or a dress.

Every leopard print garment has a different leopard pattern so keep this in and your body type in mind when looking for the perfect piece. Shorter women should be wary of a large-scale print. Instead, look for a leopard print that has smaller spots so it doesn’t overwhelm your body. For the taller women out there, you have the option to go big or small with the leopard print spots. Since you are already making a bold statement with your coat or dress, keep the shoes simple and stick with a solid-colored shoe.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Apple Leopard Print" dress | $134 | Macy's

If you’re just looking for a touch of leopard print, there are plenty of options for you to incorporate this trend in your wardrobe as well.  Instead of wearing leopard print garments, you can accessorize with leopard print instead! Shoes, bags, belts and scarves can all be found in leopard print. The scarf pictured below is from The Limited and I might actually run out to buy it today. What’s great about this scarf is that it can be worn under an outdoor jacket for warmth and it can also function as an indoor, fashionable scarf because of its lightweight fabric.

Leopard Print Scarf | $29.90 | The Limited

I had mentioned in my introduction blog that a Foley + Corinna bag is on my wish list of things to have and I might just add this one to my list as well. I love that this bag displays the animal print trend but has a more subdued color pallet. Another great thing about this bag is that it is actually a satchel.  This just means that it is a smaller purse that has a long strap, which goes across your body. I find that these bags are easier to carry than lugging a huge purse around on one shoulder.

Foley+Corinna Disco City bag | $215 |

Shoes are obviously another great item to have in this trend. Almost every type of shoe, from flats to stilettos, is made in leopard print. Leopard print shoes are great for either everyday wear or for formal events.

Just remember, since this trend is bold and expressive on its own, keep the rest of your outfit simple. We all have a little animal in us so let it out through your fashion!

Macy’s | Hilldale – 702 North Midvale Blvd | 608-232-2400

The Limited | West Towne Mall | 608-833-1644 | Online | 1-877-747-3754

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