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The Muse: A Salute to Fall Fashion

September 17, 2010

A few years ago, I purchased a white, military inspired winter trench.  It has been my most favorite item of clothing ever since.  I am so in love with this piece, I even packed it for a visit to Florida.  A winter coat in Florida?! Well, I had high hopes! Needless to say, I cannot wait for the cold weather to arrive so I can pull this beloved coat out of the trunk.  To my delight, runways and stores alike are currently littered with military garb.  Now I can bust this trend out while still enjoying the fall colors.

What I love about this trend is that I get to pick and choose what items in my closet I want to update and infuse with the military style.  If you really want to add this look to your wardrobe but don’t really need a new jacket, pick up a pair of military inspired shoes or trousers.  Or vice versa, of course!  You can really tailor this trend to your already fab style.

If you adore this trend as much as I and find yourself snatching up every brass-buttoned piece you come across, be forewarned! Moderation is key. Try to stick to only one military-esque item per outfit.

Although a military jacket might not feel feminine, there ways you can bring glam to this trend.  Take a tip from this week’s Ask Rosalee, and try a bold red lip, or pink if it suits you.  I also love to pair this look with pearls or vintage jewelry.  They mix beautifully and are a lot of fun to wear! And finally, when looking for a military inspired piece to add to your closet,  stick with flattering silhouettes you’re familiar with.  Burberry Prorsum currently has a wonderful collection to grab inspiration from. You can check it out here

Until next week, have fun with this look!


“I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”–Mae West

My favorite white coat!

My new military-esque jacket

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