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The Frugal Fashionista: Trashy Chic

September 17, 2010


Have you ever felt inspired by garbage?  My guess is probably not. Well maybe it’s time to start looking at your trash in a new way.  Ladies, it’s time to put on your fashion glasses!  Trash bags can actually be turned into fashionable outfits.  Last year I worked on a runway show where I helped create trash bag looks with Rosalee (the Guru).  Just the other day, to my surprise, I came across a photo of pop sensation Ke$ha.  She was working a trash bag dress on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards.  While I don’t love her entire look, I do appreciate the moxie it takes to wear a trash bag dress.

Even some designers have jumped on the trash bag chic bandwagon!  While they may not have used actual trash bags, you can still see the influence in the shine of the fabric and the manipulation of the materials.

Japan Fashion Week, Spring 2009 & Lanvin, Fall 2008

One of my favorite examples is a detailed image of the bodice of a garbage bag dress that was created for the Green Design Festival by Syntagma Station and photographed by Sacoustics.

Green Design Festival by Syntagma Station

Don’t worry if you aren’t up for wearing an actual trash bag ensemble.  I just want to show you that sometimes the most unexpected pairings can turn into something remarkable!

But if you are interested in trying out this trend with actual trashbags, check out Rosalee’s personal blog for the  How-to . We have used this technique to make hats, scarves, dresses, skirts, shirts, hair puffs and handbags.

Jenna modeling a look from "Paper or Plastic" We made her hair accessory and top from trashbags.

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