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The Reporter: BellyMan Clothing Line

September 15, 2010

Pregnancy is a nine-month period where everything is focused on the mother-to-be. But what about those fathers who are excited to become parents? Now thanks to Erin Rutman, there is a very unique and clever clothing line which gives men a way to let the world know they are proudly anticipating the arrival of a little one. Rutman, a graduate from UW-Madison, tells us about BellyMan, her distinctive line of  “due-date” T-shirts for expectant dads.

1. As a graduate of UW, what did you earn a degree in? I graduated from the Journalism school with a degree in Advertising.

2. BellyMan is a completely new and very unique idea for a clothing line. Explain your process from start to finish on how you got this idea started. My older daughter is actually going to be 4 years old tomorrow and when I was expecting, my husband and I noticed there were no gifts out there for expectant dads. With the idea that there should be something for new dads to share in the pregnancy pride, the BellyMan clothing line was born.

3. What is your main message behind the BellyMan clothing line?

We are excited to involve dads in this process. It’s their pregnancy too. And we know dads are loving the subtle vintage design and the extremely soft tees because they are really comfy.

4. Where do you hope to see your BellyMan clothing line in the next five years? We’d love to see the line expand and be offered in maternity boutiques around the country.

5. As a woman within the design business, what is the biggest lesson you have learned?

That an idea can become a reality, but it takes a lot of work and time. As a busy mom, it’s very rewarding to do something you enjoy.

Although BellyMan products are not yet available for purchase in Madison, T-shirts can be purchased through their website. Please visit their Facebook Fanpage and spread the word about this unique paternity wear clothing line; it’s great for yourself, a baby shower, a way to announce a pregnancy or a way to celebrate your child’s birthday!

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