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The Trendsetter: Camel—The Must Have Color for Fall

September 7, 2010

Every time a new President is elected, one of the hot topics is the fashion sense of the first lady. Jackie Kennedy paved the way for first ladies to be idolized as fashion icons and Michelle Obama is following in her footsteps. From her first appearance on television, she has been dubbed a trendsetter for professional women and mothers across the country. One of the latest pictures I have seen of Mrs. Obama had her dressed in a camel color coat—which just happens to be the “it” color for fall. Camel colored pieces are classic and, being a neutral color, it is unlikely for them to go completely out of style.

Style Icon Michelle Obama

I am a true believer that one can never have too many coats, especially in the fall. But the camel trend can extend beyond coats. Coats are investment pieces; especially if you are looking to purchase a long wool coat like the one Michelle Obama is wearing. If you want to sport this trend without breaking the bank, try looking for camel colored accessories such as shoes or getting a dress in camel that can be worn on numerous occasions.

These heeled boots from Aldo Shoes blend two of the hottest fall trends: camel and booties. The thicker heel makes them easier to walk in (trust me!) and the suede gives this shoe a professional or relaxed edge depending on how you wear them. These booties would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans for a weekend look or pairing them with tights and a dress could give you a great work outfit.

Another great item in the camel color is this Banana Republic shirtdress. Some of you may be thinking that it looks like this model is ready to jump into a Jeep and take an African safari ride, but this is a very classic shape. The belt cinches in the waist to give every woman that desired hourglass shape. This shirtdress would be perfect for running around town, playing with the kids, or attending PTA and business meetings.

Silk Safari Shirtdress | $70 |

The possibilities are endless with this trend. Find an item that is absent or lacking in your closet and go on the hunt for it in the latest color trend for fall.

Aldo Shoes | West Towne Mall | 608.821.0211

Banana Republic | West Towne Mall | 608.833.3005

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