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Flavors of Fashion: A Fond Farewell with My Favs!

August 12, 2010

Hi everyone, Carolyn here for one last posting! Alas, my fabulous internship at BRAVA Magazine is coming to a close as I am uprooting myself to spend my senior year of college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. So while I am excited for my next adventurous year of school, I would like to thank everyone at BRAVA (including you, readers!) for making my experience not only educational, but truly wonderful.

With that said, I am writing my last blog as a salute to fantastic, fashion finds from the Madison area! So here’s a smattering of clothing, shoes and accessories that struck my personal fancy. Enjoy!

Vegan Leather Clutch, $39; Fair Indigo

This smokin’ red clutch is one hot little number! I chose this as one of my favorites because I have this lengthy love affair with the color red. Honestly, I would consider my closet well-rounded, except for this enormous patch paying homage to “the red.” So this bag is no different, and falls under my “love” category. The great thing about something that is vivid red, like this clutch, is that it is easier to match with other vivid reds, say in a shirt or accessory. My outfit choice? Something simple and classic; let the colors speak for themselves. Pairing this clutch with black skinnys, a white V-neck tee, and hot red pumps should do the trick!

Short sleeve dress by Weston Wear, $148; The Patricia Shoppe

I chose this dress because of I love its flurry of layered and swirling colors. I’ve taken to calling it “The Watercolor Dress” because its print reminds me of an airy watercolor painting. As for finishing the look, this dress has a light and feminine tone, so keep it simple. A drop earring with loosely, upswept hair and solid color heel would accent perfectly.

Silver pendant, $119; Terese Zache Designs

The thing I love about this piece is its duality. It’s a very simple pendant, but its weight and size also make it a statement piece for the wearer’s outfit. I would pair something like this with a black dress, just because I am fond of the silver and black color combo. But you could really pair it with any item that is mainly solid. I suggest solids because it makes a better background to showcase the necklace, instead of hiding it or overwhelming it.

"Soiree" bag by Crystalyn Kae, $210; (shoo)

Due to my obsession with bags reaching epic proportions, I am including two in this posting about my favorites! This black leather bag is one that I love because it has these great peek-a-boo slits running down the front of it that feature a fun fabric. Its really a detail that makes the bag unique, and something I haven’t ever really seen before. It is also available in a tan leather with green inserts!

Striped top by Red Haute, $78; Jan Byce Designs

I love stripes! Whether horizontal, vertical or zig-zag, if worn correctly stripes can really be a flattering and fun pattern. I like this tunic’s unique drape and different styling. One detail I especially love is the wrap-around scarf option. It adds another layer of complexity to the tunic, upgrading it from just another striped tee. I would match this top with some silver hoops, dark denim and black flats to complete the whole look.

Fair Indigo/Hilldale, Madison; (608) 831-1359

Patricia Shoppe/ 137 West Johnson St., Madison; (608) 256-1111

Terese Zache Designs/ 702 North Midvale Blvd., Madison/ (608) 310-4100

(shoo) / 109 State St., Madison; (608) 467-6325

Jan Byce Designs/ Hilldale, Madison; (608) 233-1606

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