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Flavors of Fashion—Gift It!

July 26, 2010

Whatever the event may be—from a birthday, wedding or baby shower—gifts are going to be required! Here are a few great gift ideas available locally. – Carolyn

Oh, the dreaded gift-giving… I know we’re all supposed to rejoice with the thought of showering our nearest and dearest with sentimental, useful and imaginative gifts, whatever the occasion may be. But let’s be honest. For most of us, shopping for that perfect present can leave us standing in the middle of the mall feeling clueless! So this week, I want to bring you some unique gift ideas that perhaps you just didn’t know were available around the Madison area, or have never considered in the first place!

Glam Purse Hanger, $11.50 each; Little Luxuries

These handy-dandy contraptions have become very popular and are available at Little Luxuries. I present…the Purse Hanger! They feature a magnetic square that is placed on top of counters, tabletops and the like. Simply swing the metal bar down, perpendicular to the table’s surface, and voila! You now have your own portable hook to hang your purse or bag on, keeping it off the floor of wherever you’re visiting. A useful present for a girlfriend, if I do say so myself.

Bath Blasters, $3.95 each; The Soap Opera
My Favorite Scents: Cool Citrus Basil and  Sea of Tranquility

Pacifica Body Butter, $17.95 each; The Soap Opera
My Favorite Scent: Tuscan Blood Orange (loved!)

A moment of bath & body indulgence anyone?  These are two of my favorite products at The Soap Opera on State Street; both are available in a plethora of fragrances. The top picture features Bath Blasters, which you drop into your running bath water, and they dissolve to create a scented and soothing bathing experience. The bottom photo showcases Pacifica Body Butter. These body butters make an exotic gift not only because of their skin-hydrating qualities, but also the entirely individual scents that take on a flavor of the East. Try giving either of these options to a friend or relative for bathing bliss. The Soap Opera even allows you to purchase your own basket and create a personalized gift set of bath & body goodies!

Pacifier Pod by JJ Cole Collections, $8; The Purple Goose
Diapers & Wipes Caddy by JJ Cole Collections, $30; The Purple Goose
Diapers & Wipes Pod by JJ Cole Collections, $17; The Purple Goose

Nursing Covers by Bebe au Lait, $35 each; The Purple Goose

Come prepared to your next baby shower with some of these fashionable baby care accessories. The top photo features a baby care set which includes a pacifier case, diaper wipes case and a caddy to carry the works in! The bottom photo features adorable (and comfortable) nursing covers in an ultra soft fabric. All of the products come in an abundance of decorative patterns and can be found at The Purple Goose.

Pocket Squares by The Hill-Side, $40 each; Context
Ties by The Hill-Side, $76 each; Context
Bandanas by The Hill-Side, $44 each; Context
Not Shown:
Scarves by The Hill-Side, $80 each; Context

Need a gift of the male variety? Why not try these luxury chambray items. The Hill-Side is a cutting edge brand that offers men’s accessories such as pocket squares, ties, bandanas and scarves. This brand is carried by the men’s boutique Context, located on Capitol Square. I suggest these stylish choices for a man who’s interested in more than a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. They exhibit clean lines, and create a modern masculine look with their simplicity. A great gift for that contemporary man.

Palm Vase, $23.95; Plum Crazy
Jupiter Sphere Gift Set by Vance Kittra, $13.95; Plum Crazy
Green Candle Jar by Tag; $16.95; Plum Crazy

Home Fragrance Diffuser Starter Pack, $36.95; Plum Crazy
Refill Fragrance, $23.95; Plum Crazy

I covered man, woman, and child, in the realm of gift-giving, but one cannot forget the home! These gifts add that special something to anyone’s home décor. Get creative with a vase by presenting it either packed with flowers or as a large, decorative candle holder—whatever your imagination decides! If that doesn’t spark your creativity, look for unique containers, such as the green ceramic piece shown in the top photo, and present it alone as a piece of art, or packed full of potpourri. The bottom photo shows a fantastic option for elegant, home fragrancing. Diffusers let out a subtle aroma as the oil absorbs into the wooden sticks, instead of becoming overwhelming like a lot of air fresheners. A diffuser is fantastic in a bathroom, and looks classy as well. All of these wonderful home choices are available at Plum Crazy. They have tons of holders, jars, plates, candles, etc. in a variety of colors and scents. So grab a few and give a little “interior decorating” gift!

Little Luxuries/ 230 State Street, Madison; (608) 255-7372

The Soap Opera/ 319 State Street, Madison; (608) 251-4051

The Purple Goose/ 400 West Verona Avenue, Verona; (608) 845-2368

Context/ 113 King Street, Madison; (608) 250-0113

Plum Crazy/ 425 West Cottage Grove Road, Cottage Grove; (608) 839-5697

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  1. Chelsea Roehl permalink
    August 17, 2010 2:36 am

    Good luck in New York! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs these past few months!

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