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A few of my favorite things…

June 10, 2010

Women often ask me for advice on beauty brands—what do I use? What products could I not live without?

Well, here are your answers. The following are a list of products that are currently (I’ll admit, the list changes more often than I’d like) on my “must-have” list.

Clockwise from top middle:

1. Elnett Satin Hairspray by L’Oreal Paris, $14

Our publisher, Laura, actually turned me on to this amazing hairspray. We were on a trip to Minnesota, and she whipped it out when I asked if anyone had hairspray. A few spritz’s on my locks and I SWEAR to you—my hair doubled in volume and wasn’t a sticky mess! While the scent is a little overpowering for my taste (similar to powder fresh deodorant), it’s worth enduring for its effectiveness.

2. Volumactive Mousse by Kerastase, $35

I swear, this will be the best $35 you ever spend (OK—that’s dramatic, but you get the idea). The volume it gives your hair is  magical. Also, you can buy it locally at ANiU Salon and Spa in Middleton—an added bonus!

3. Travel Hair Dryer by Ken Paves, $80

Perhaps one of the most annoying things about traveling, for me, is the fact I have to bring two hair dryers: One regular, and one diffuser. That’s just how it is (yes, I know it’s crazy—lay off!). So when I came across this trusty travel hair dryer, it was like my prayers had been answered! It’s light and powerful, and it folds up into a neat carrying case.

4. Soy Paste by Sexy Hair, $13.50

When I first noticed this paste was made with soy, I’ll admit I was quite intrigued. Could soy possibly make my hair look good? I tried it on a whim and absolutely loved the texture it gave my curly hair. I just diffuse my hair and while it’s still a little damp, scrunch in a little of this paste, and then diffuse a little more.It gives hold and I feel like it also enhances my curls.

5. Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 by Kiehl’s, $24.50

From the moment I applied this moisturizer from a sample I’d received on a trip to NYC, I was hooked. Not only does it moisturize my face, but it gives me the perfect sun-kissed glow! I’d be lost without it now. If I leave the house with anything on my face, it’s this product.

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