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Flavors of Fashion: Father’s Day ideas on WKOW-27!

June 3, 2010

It’s Carolyn, back again…and this time I bring thoughts on unique ideas for Father’s Day. Consider giving him something other than that same old tie!

This past Friday, Style Editor Mollie Shambeau and I had the pleasure of visiting WKOW-27 to film a segment about men’s accessories. Mollie highlighted some great ideas such as bags, watches, hats and more. And while all these items are great for any time of the year, with Father’s Day coming up, they could also make the perfect gift. So for those of us who had to Google that date—ahem, June 20th!—it is quickly approaching, and BRAVA is here for you and your gifting needs.

First, lets talk bags. I know this can be a touchy subject for many men. But c’mon, if we are all honest with ourselves, men need to haul stuff around just as much as women. With growing usage of iPods, cell phones, computers and now even the iPad, men have a need for “THE BAG.”
These backpacks, available at Context, are great for any Dad that would want a bag with a rugged look. The “Field Backpack” is actually made from repurposed military and gas mask bags. While the “Vintage Backpack” is great for hiking due to its top-load design and padded shoulder straps.

“Field Backpack” by Farm Tatics; $195,            “Vintage Backpack” by Fjallraven, $175; Context Context

If your father likes a more traditional or athletic look you should try one these bags. The messenger bag from Jazzman has a sporty, no nonsense design for a dad on the go. While the “Philanthropist Tote” from Context, takes philanthropy literally, supporting the Ugandan Cotton Initiative. One hundred and twenty five units of this tote allow the project to utilize one Ugandan farmer’s entire yield of cotton for a year. So while stylish, this Father’s Day gift could also be for a dad who likes to support a cause.

“Philanthropist Tote” by  Apolis Activism,
$296, Context

Messenger bag by Garvis, $65; Jazzman

Secondly, who hasn’t thought about giving Dad a watch, right? They’re long-lasting, useful and can be an exceptional gifts. But if you are going to invest the money into this present, get him something with a little individuality. Yes, a watch can be a style statement too.

Mollie mentioned on her WKOW segment that plastic watches are in style for both women and men. These options below are perfect for a dad who is bold, trendsetting or athletic. You could also go for a more classic watch, but I suggest mixing it up! Try a metal band, instead of plain leather. Give it a modern twist by buying something with square-shaped face.

Watches by Nixon, (Left to Right) $60, $100, $150; Jazzman

Watches by Nixon, (Left to Right) $120, $125; Jazzman

Lastly—hats, wallets, dopp kits, oh my! Summer fedoras can also be a creative present for this Father’s Day. I suggest a woven hat. Its a casual look that many men can wear, instead of its dressy, nightwear counterpart.

Fedoras by Goorin Bros., $38 to $55; Jazzman

Wallets are also a fantastic option; I feel most dads could probably use a new one. Instead of buying a basic, black leather wallet, find one in a unique color or pattern.

Wallets, $59 each; Jazzman

You can even try a natural style. The wallet below is handmade right here in Wisconsin. There is also a coordinating dopp kit for all of his toiletries; both are available at Context.  Whatever you decide to give him this Father’s Day, be creative—like he always tells us, it’s the thought that counts!

Natural wallet by Kenton Sorenson, $75; Context

Natural dopp kit by Kenton Sorenson, $135; Context

Context / 113 King Street, Madison; 608-250-0113

Jazzman / 340 State Street, Madison; 608-256- 2062

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