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Flavors of Fashion: Anchors Away on State Street!

May 26, 2010

Hi everyone, Carolyn here again! BRAVA Fashion Intern, at your service. I come bearing new fashion ideas, but before I reveal them, I would like to personally note if you ever have any questions about past or future postings please feel free to email me at! And now for my newest fashion thought:

Last Saturday, I, as well as many others, took advantage of the beautiful weather and ambled down to State Street for a little shopping adventure. Now, I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for inventive things or prevalent trends, and Saturday was no different. And let me tell you, nautical attire is making its presence known this summer! Designers everywhere are bringing back this timeless, and classy look in new and unique ways. While I saw hints of this sailor inspired garb in many stores, I’ve chosen to share with you just a few of my favorites:

Kerrigan, $95.10; Piece by Atticus

I found this top at Piece by Atticus. It’s vibrant red and navy coloring really give off a nautical vibe. Also worth noting is its loose silhouette and unique neckline, which make this top great for a variety of body types. They also have great totes by Seabags (not pictured), which are made from recycled sails—surely a great addition to a casual look or a day at the beach.

Sperry Top-sider, $44; Madison Sole

I found these Sperry Top-siders at Madison Sole. They are the perfect sea-faring touch to any outfit. My suggestion would be pair them with a denim capri or khaki cargo short. Then, finish it all off with 3-quarter length cotton tee in a coordinating solid color. If your feeling bold (and particularly nautical), try a striped tee!

Anchor Necklace, $39.50; Lands' End Canvas

Sailor Buckle Ivory Belt, $39.50; Lands' End Canvas

I found these naval accessories at Lands’ End Canvas, and they are perfect for a more literal approach to the nautical look. Pair the necklace with any outfit for a subtle hint of sea, and the belt could be a great addition to a capri or short paired with a white, button-down blouse.

Pavier, $40; Shoo

And last, but not least, was this fantastic dress I discovered at (shoo). It’s red, white, and navy stripes truly channel that seaside look. Wear it as is, or throw on matching cardigan for a night out this summer.

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