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Flavors of Fashion: A Taste of Land’s End Canvas

May 19, 2010
Hello BRAVA readers! My name is Carolyn, and I have joined BRAVA’s staff as the new fashion intern. I will be bringing you a weekly fashion posting about beauty, styling tips, my favorite fashions and more!

A look from Lands' End Canvas store

For my first posting, I would like to share with you my wonderful experience at the Lands’ End Canvas Shop and Lucky Magazine’s styling event that took place this past Saturday. The event was held at the Lands’ End Canvas store on State Street. It featured a Lands’ End tote give-away with hand-painted personalization done by textile designer Lily Raskind, manicures by the Ultimate Spa & Salon, and styling advice from Lucky Magazine’s editor-at-large, Elise Loehnen.

As I investigated the wares of the Lands’ End Canvas line, I was impressed with the clean lines and simple silhouettes. Lands’ End Canvas really showcases a classic look with a modern twist, for both male and female summer fashion!

I also had the wonderful opportunity to pick the fashion-focused mind, so to speak, of Lucky Magazine’s editor-at-large Elise Loehnen. She told me about the summer fashion “musts” and other helpful styling tips.

Carolyn Akin: First and foremost, what do you see coming up for this summer? What’s hot and what’s not?
Elise Loehnen: I would argue that women should stop shopping for trends specifically. They should really focus on finding things that are going to work for their bodies and their lifestyle. I see a lot of trends that I love, but that I don’t wear only because they don’t look good on me. One of the things I think looks good on everyone though, is a slouchy khaki and the slightly undone menswear moment. I love it, and it’s really comfortable which is key. A slouchy khaki is great with heels, its great with flats, you can dress it up or down, which makes it really versatile.

I also love mixing prints and patterns, which we are seeing a ton of. It can be a little intimidating for people who feel like they are clashing or want to coordinate, but if you keep the primary neutral the same, whether its ivory, black, or grey, and your mixing say, stripes with a floral, that’s a sure way to make sure that its actually going to be a little easier on the eyes.

I also feel like statement necklaces have obviously been significant in the last few years, but I love the movement towards bright colored scarves. Again, they’re not expensive and  they’re easy to wear.

CA: What are some timeless styling tips?
I think that every woman needs a good fitted blazer, and a good pair of jeans. Whether they’re bootcut or skinny— whatever works best for your body shape. Also, striped shirts. They are everywhere. 

Elise Loehnen and I

CA: I love your outfit today. How did you go about picking it out?
EL: Well, I am wearing a few Land’s End Canvas things today, but I love to wear a lot of basics. I love to layer. I buy really straight forward shapes and tailored things, and then I layer them together in ways that make them look different. Then I go a little crazy on accessories…always. I’ve never met a necklace that I didn’t like.

CA: Is there anything that’s too outrageous?
EL: I like things to be big in bulk. So, three necklaces instead of one gigantic necklace. It makes it a little bit more interesting.

CA: How do you keep up with your fashion know how? How do you stay up to date?
EL: I read a lot of regional magazines; I read a lot of blogs; I talk to my friends; basically, I try to keep my eyes open when I’m out and about.

CA: What does being an editor-at-large at Lucky Magazine entail? What do you love about it? What’s exciting?
EL: I like that my job has no bounds. I get to travel a lot and am always looking for new and different things; things that interest me. I try to approach my job like I’m a consumer, not only because I am a consumer, but the fun part is that things I am interested in I feel like other people would be interested in too. So it’s less like I have to cover this, or cover that, and more like, “I like this.” I feel like that is also true of everything we put in Lucky Magazine, we really believe in the edit, and that’s really fun because its constantly changing.

Land’s End Canvas Shop /411 State Street, Madison; 608-257-4900

Lily Raskind - Textile Designer

Ultimate Salon & Spa giving free manicures

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  1. Chelsea Roehl permalink
    May 20, 2010 12:41 am

    Hi Carolyn, it was great meeting you at the event on Saturday! I look forward to reading your future blogs. Keep in touch! You can find me on Facebook, haha 🙂 ttyl. ~Chelsea

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