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BRAVA May Fashion Preview!

April 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone! Would you like to take a guess at why I’m so cheery today?

<pause for guesses>

You’re right! (Or if you weren’t, I’ll pretend you were.) Our May issue is SO CLOSE to being done and I’m just itching to highlight a few key pieces from our monthly fashion spread.

This month, we chose four local women who’d submitted their names for BRAVA’s first annual set of head-to-toe makeovers. Michelle Minter, Carrie Riley, Karen Peckham and Christine Henker all went through transformations, including haircuts, makeup routines and a new wardrobe style. While I won’t show off their full photos here (you’ll have to check out the issue for that!), I will highlight a few key pieces in particular throughout the spread that I love for this sunny spring season.

1. Beaded wrap bracelets

I’ve been seeing these bracelets everywhere for the upcoming seasons. This version hails from the Purple Goose by Nakamol for $64. I’ve also seen other versions at Karen & Co. on State Street by Chan Luu—a little pricier, but they’re all so much fun. (And you can usually wear them as a single strand necklace too!)

2. Classy tie-dye and animal print

Don’t run out and buy your dye just yet—this season’s tie-dye trend is classier, with an almost ethnic feel to it. This skirt from Terese Zache Designs is by Marc Aurel for $250, and if you can see, there a sequined/beaded treatment along the bottom. Upon further inspection, the pattern is almost an animal print! There are prints like this all over for spring and summer…I’ve got a few in my wardrobe I can’t wait to break out.

3. Cute athletic shoes

Having recently gotten into biking, myself, my wardrobe has taken a slight turn toward the casual, and I’ve been finding a ton of adorable, more athletic-type shoes. These Coach shoes will set you back $118 from Boston Store—but for the comfort they provide and their adorable style, they just might be worth it.

4. Reversible everything

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to mention that this dress—by Nally & Millie, $160 at Patricia Shoppe—is reversible! And the funny thing is, I’ve been seeing a lot of reversible things out for the upcoming seasons. In fact, I just purchased a dress with two different floral patterns—one more micro, and one a little larger. So cute and versatile!

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