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Beauty Bites with Kati Corbett: Preventing color fading

April 13, 2010

Each month, beauty guru Kati Corbett weighs in on a timely topic—from hair advice, makeup tricks and the products you’ve got to try.

Coloring your hair? Wondering why your color fades? Let me start by saying hair color is meant to fade to some degree. This is why your stylist re-books your appointments 4-6 weeks out. If hair color never faded we’d be in serious trouble when it came time to alter your look!

With this in mind, there are other reasons why your color may not be lasting.

Reason 1: Harsh Detergents

If you’re using over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners, chances are you’re stripping your color. These products are very alkaline in pH. Your hair, skin and nails are very acidic naturally. This means even water will be damaging to your hair!

My recommendation is investing in the health of your hair by purchasing your products from your trusted professional. This will ensure you’re using the right formulas for your hair care needs and you know where they’re coming from.

Reason 2: The Sun

We all know the potential damage the sun can have on our skin. The same holds true for your hair. Have you ever been shopping at a sidewalk sale? You may notice the clothes positioned in the sun are faded—your hair will also fade due to the sun’s stripping effects.

My recommendation is spraying on Color UV protection. Pureology product line has the ColourMax UV spray which is sunscreen for your hair. It will also act as a leave-in protein treatment which is so awesome for your hair during the summer.

Reason 3: Iron in Water

Have you had your water checked? Knowing that water alone has a higher pH than your hair, skin and nails, if there is iron in your water you may find that your blonde hair is turning orange. If there is copper in your water, you may see a blue/green tint to your hair. Finally, if you have hard water, you’ll find that your shampoo and conditioners are not lathering properly and they’re not fully removed from the hair when rinsing so you’re left with unwanted product build-up.

My recommendation is testing your water to make sure it’s pH is acidic. Paul Hellenbrand with Hellenbrand Water not only helped me with my quality water education with proper filters as well.

Good luck!

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