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Leggings are back!

March 31, 2010

A few weeks back, I spent a morning with Barbara Vaughan at Jan Byce Designs in Hilldale to chat about leggings. They are back—as is the skinny jean—in a big way for spring and summer! While I admit in the segment that leggings aren’t for everyone, they’re definitely worth a try. If you wear them correctly, they’re not only fashion forward but unbelievably comfortable too.

Just remember…whatever you wear over leggings should cover your rear end, and if you’re concerned about showing your thighs, it should cover those too. Look for cute tunics and shorter dresses. Long dresses and leggings just don’t work.

And another, more friendly way to think of leggings is like thick tights without the feet that don’t creep down as the day goes on (yeah, if you wear tights, you know what I’m talking about).

The best thing you can do is try! Head into a store, like Jan Byce Designs or elsewhere, and if you see leggings, but aren’t sure what to pair them with, ask a sales associate, “What are you showing these with?” (This is my go-to line when I’m confused about an item of clothing in a store). If they don’t have an answer, then move on to a store where you can find the complete outfit! Once you start wearing them, I’d be willing to bet you won’t want to wear anything else!

Click here to visit WKOW’s Web site and click on “Leggings are back” on the left-hand side to view the video.


Jan Byce Designs is located at Hilldale, Madison; (608) 233-1606.

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