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Fancy Feet!

March 16, 2010

There is nothing more depressing (OK—a little dramatic, I know) than bringing home a new pair of shoes only to find that the first time you wear them, you’re sliding all over the floor like a fool because the new shoes lack traction! The nerve!

Luckily, I’ve come across an amazing product from Foot Petals that prevents such pretty new shoes from going to (slippery) waste. Their name? Fittingly: Sole Stopperz.

As you can see here—and you’ll have to excuse my scuffed shoes, I wanted to prove the point that I actually use them!—I’m currently sporting Sole Stopperz on both a pair of cage booties (a la Karen & Co.) and a pair of flats (Christian Siriano for Payless). In both cases, I’ll admit I wouldn’t be able to wear the shoes without the help of these little pads of friction. And they’re so simple to use! Just tear the paper backing off the backside, and stick them on the sole of your shoes. Voila! Instant friction!

Foot Petals are carried locally at The Perfect Pair, 330 State St., Madison

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