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Behind the scenes at BRAVA’s vintage fashion shoot

January 26, 2010

This particular fashion shoot holds a special place in my heart.

Not necessarily because we made it through a monstrous snowstorm (inclement weather conditions are common on BRAVA fashion shoot days…we’re used to it now).

Not necessarily because it took over eight (eight!) hours from start to finish either.

It’s not even because our fabulous model, Dione Laufenberg, owner of Indulge Spa on Madison’s east side, was 11 weeks pregnant. (No joke: Can you believe it? 11 weeks!)

This was a special shoot for me because it was my first time working with vintage fashion in BRAVA! I shop vintage myself but have just never had the opportunity to work with vintage goods for a shoot like this. And let me tell you, it renewed an entirely new love of resale shopping for me. The glory of hunting for the perfect piece; the jaw-dropping affordable prices; the touch of history, packed into each piece. I loved every minute of it!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from February’s fashion spread, “What Goes Around Comes Around:”

The blustery view from the dash of my car (a.k.a. Trudy) on the way to Lake Mills.

The blustery view from the dash of my car (a.k.a. Trudy) on the way to Lake Mills for the shoot.

Art Director Kristin (clearly) busy organizing props.

Scott Staples of i du hair, hard at work styling model Dione's lovely locks.

Delicious vintage clothing.

Here's everyone's favorite part: jewelry and shoes. (Let the ooh's and aah's commence!)

And without further adieu, here are a list of resources we utilized this month, and be sure to check out the whole spread in your February issue:

For jeans:
Atticus18 N. Carroll St., Madison; (608) 204-9001

For props:
Century House | 3029 University Ave., Madison; (608) 233-4488
DiMaggio’s Euro Design | 7475 Mineral Point Rd., Madison; (608) 833-4790
Iconi Interiors | 534 W. Washington Ave., Madison; (608) 441-0077
Rubin’s Furniture |  317 E. Wilson St., Madison; (608) 255-8998

For vintage clothing and accessories:
Good Style Shop | 402 E. Washington Ave., Madison; (608) 441-1323
Lou Rags | 944 Williamson St., Madison; (608) 441-3450

Hair and makeup, respectively:
i du hair21 N. Butler St., Madison; (608) 630-0766
Julia Grace Salon | 8012 Watts Rd., Madison; (608) 833-8454

For shoes:
Macy’s | Hilldale, Madison; (608) 232-2400

Shot on location:
Narella Studio112 S. Main St., Lake Mills; (608) 206-4733


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