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To infinity (scarf) and beyond!

January 20, 2010

I get REALLY excited about little things on a pretty regular basis.

You name it, I’ve loved it, from random people I’ve met to excellent food I’ve sampled to entertainment I’ve enjoyed. And when I get pumped about something, I won’t let it go until someone agrees. Ask Sarah, she and I share an office (lucky her!) and she witnesses the flurry of excitement each time I’m raving about my new “thing.” This dramatic entrance is what we call, “Comin’ in HOT!”

Current obsessions include the meatloaf at Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery on Atwood Ave., the movie “The Hangover,” my Kindle and The Lucas Cates Band. And when it comes to fashion, this month I’m loving sweater headbands and infinity scarves.

Lets start with the sweater headband:

More stylish than the plain ear-warmers you wear skiing, yet cozier than your average headband, the sweater headband is one of my favorite accessories this winter (the variety shown is from The Purple Goose). And check out the adorable little rosette on the side! Especially for someone with hair my length, it’s a cute (and warm) way to easily style your hair quickly, or turn a bad hair day into an excellent hair day.

Leave a little hair in front, and fluff your hair out in back for a great sweater headband style.

Next up—the infinity scarf:

Commonly called “circle scarves,” these little puppies are quite perplexing at first glance. How does one wear a scarf with no ends and no ties? Ladies—it’s all about draping.

Start with an infinity scarf (with no beginning and no end).

For a more shawl-like effect, put the scarf over your head and pull it down over your shoulders.

For more of a layered look, wrap the scarf multiple times around your neck (perhaps your scarf is long enough for more than the two times around shown here). Make sure to fluff it a little, too.

If you have a perplexing fashion question, I want to hear it and blog about the answer! E-mail me at

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