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WKOW Segment: Holiday style on a budget

December 25, 2009

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If you had a chance to catch Wake up Wisconsin Monday morning on WKOW, you might have seen little ol’ me talking about holiday fashion with Barbara Vaughan. Barbara and I headed to The Purple Goose in Verona to chat about a few quick and inexpensive updates for holiday dressing.

Here are a few of my tips:

1. Stand out with statement jewelry. Give new life to those detailed dresses that have been in your closet for years by adding a statement necklace or glamorous earrings. Just be sure the necklace doesn’t compete with any detailing.

  • (Shown above: Dress courtesy of The Purple Goose; Necklace courtesy of Anthropologie)

2. Add a cardigan and a scarf. Thought you could never get more use out of those cotton dresses? Think again! A cardigan over the top provides a colorful twist, and a scarf with a hint of sparkle is the perfect icing on your (style) cake. Click here for instructions on tying the scarf as shown in the segment.

  • (Dress and cardigan courtesy of The Purple Goose; Scarf courtesy of Cornblooms, Hilldale)

3. Belt it! Even those shapeless bags in the back of your closet can look refreshed and refined! Sling a belt across your hips or try a thicker, waist belt for an hourglass figure.

  • (Belt courtesy of Cornblooms, Hilldale; Dress courtesy of J. LaMore)

4. Try some tights. No matter what dress you’ve planned on wearing for your outings, chances are you’ll want a little leg coverage to prepare for chilly weather. Throw out those nude pantyhose and choose colored tights for a chic accessory. If this season’s trendy lace, patterns or colors aren’t your style, there’s nothing wrong with basic, opaque black tights.

  • (Tights courtesy of Cornblooms, Hilldale)

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