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A brightly wrapped idea at Sarah B. Fine Stationery

December 14, 2009

Upon seeing the Sarah B. Fine Stationery booth at our Madison Women’s Expo a few weeks back, I was reminded of a great gift-wrapping idea I got from the shop’s two owners—Jan and Renee—that I thought would be a great addition to my latest obsession with scarves. This is scarf-tying with a holiday gift-giving twist!

It’s called the Bobo scarf (shown at left), and it not only serves as just that—a scarf—but also an elegant gift-wrapping option! When I first saw it, I could hardly believe that those stylishly wrapped gifts were easy to do at home…until I watched the following video. Check it out for yourself! This scarf is wrapping paper’s NEW, glamorous eco-friendly cousin.

And rumor has it Sarah B. is getting tons of new colors and styles in for the holiday season—one in every color for every lucky lady on your list!

Sarah B. Fine Stationery is located in Hilldale, Madison; (608) 233-5100. The mother-daughter owners also write a blog:

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