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Madison Opera’s “Carmen” Recap

November 10, 2009

carmen_14I’ve finally had a few days to think and ingest my whole opera experience, and I must say, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The singing was certainly unlike anything I’ve ever heard live—of course, I’ve heard it on TV and movies, but live is a whole other ballgame. The actors were certainly cast for their immense talents, and I felt honored to be able to hear them belt their lungs out. I will say that it was a bit easy to start day dreaming as I wasn’t able to understand the French (if only they’d been speaking Spanish…I might have caught a word here or there!), but unlike many other theaters, the Overture had that handy little screen with the words on top. Though at times I had a hard time keeping up, it was all the perfect balance of old fashioned opera glory and new-age technology.

The costumes and scale of it all was breathtaking. As I mentioned, to be able to go on the set and touch and feel each piece, and then see it put to work on stage was an amazing experience. Additionally, to be able to actually meet and chat with the show’s director (and Madison native) Candace Evans was a thrill, and that just goes to show, once again, the true hospitality and down-to-earth nature of our community—something I have come to love about this town. And, I loved seeing Maestro John DeMain up there furiously conducting the orchestra. When his arms went up for the first time that night, I swear the music must have been coursing through his veins and he was conducting with all his might!

carmen_18Last thing I’m going to touch on for my wrap-up is just the overall feel of the evening. The night had all the components of a big city show, like those I’ve seen in Chicago or NYC, including glamorous fashions, elaborate sets and overall professional presentation, but in an odd way, the entire thing felt like such a small world with many familiar faces. It had all the components of little ol’ Madison that I love, and I was so proud that our city was able to bring such a high caliber performance to the community. The Madison Opera has so much to be proud of!

Speaking of, I’d like to take a moment to send a heartfelt thank you to the Madison Opera for inviting Sarah and I on this opportunity. I would absolutely do this again, in a heartbeat!

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