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Blogger Night at the Madison Opera: Take one

November 7, 2009

A nice, admittedly nerdy photo of yours truly wearing An Ren

Truth be told, I just wrote three paragraphs as soon as I sat down here at our table in the Overture Center lobby, and I deleted them because they were awful. I suffered from a short bout of stage fright, but Sarah (who’s blogging on In the Know) coached me through it, and I’m on back on track.

So today, I was driving home from work, dreaming about what the heck I was going to wear to the opera. When I think opera, I think fur coats, high heels, long gloves, the whole shebang (Chicago theater-scene glamour). Unfortunately, all my ball gowns are at the cleaners—what are the chances?!—so I chose to don my statement An Ren jacket, skinny bleans (that’s black jeans for short) and some high heel, mid-calf boots (that were featured on one of the models in the November issue of BRAVA Magazine!).


And before I move on to commenting about the fashion I seen around the lobby, I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on my fellow blogger, Sarah’s attire. No lie: I’m proud of her today. She went against the grain and (without even calling me to ask if it’s allowed!) wore a navy blue dress and black tights and black patent heels. Ladies, this is completely OK in the realm of fashion—if you’re bold enough to try black and navy, you’re bold enough to pull it off.


candaceFunny transition, I just had a quick conversation with a former BRAVA model, Minh Martin (left), who also happens to be the Madison Opera’s director of finance and administration. Her dress—which I’m so glad I caught on film, albeit with my horrible photography skills and inability to fix red-eye problems—is absolutely gorgeous with a gradiant of purple and intricate rosettes along the neckline—and it’s right on trend with today’s one-shoulder frocks.

Looking around a little more, I’m realizing that “fashion at the Madison Opera” is as diverse is it comes. There is glitter and there are floor length gowns…there are blazers, plaid shirts, argyle sweaters, jeans, slacks…everything! The theme here is ‘anything goes’—and I love it.


Another inspiration who stopped by our table is the show’s director, and Madison native, Candance Evans, shown at right in her stunning silver dress, sequined bolero and red clutch (in honor of Carmen!). Also worth noting, her adorable blonde bob. The perfect crop for her frame, and a great pairing with the silver dress.

Last thing I’m going to comment on for now: Men, listen up—do not be afraid of bow ties! It takes a bold gentleman to wear one, but when you pull it off with confidence, you’re guaranteed to stand out in a great way. If you don’t believe that they truly exist in real life, just come to the opera. I can see at least five from my perch here in the lobby. They’re adorable (in a manly way, of course).

That’s all for now…it’s off to our seats with Sarah, the cough-a-holic. More in a bit!



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