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You want me to put that where?

August 18, 2009


Today’s topic: Hair masks.

The idea of a mask for your locks is just silly, isn’t it?

So you can imagine my puzzlement when the muddy looking “Hair Doctor” by LUSH came in the mail. Intrigued, I opened the canister and to the sheer delight of my senses—it smells exactly like Christmas! Yum.

I have to admit that I was putting off trying it out. I mean, a green hair mask for my color treated hair? What if it makes my hair fall out? Or worse—what if it turns my hair orange?

Fears aside, I bit the bullet last night and gave it a whirl. And just because I love the whole notion of “go big or go home,” I put on a face mask too—the “Detox Face Mask,” by Malin + Goetz.

Lets start with that. I applied a liberal amount of the gel-like substance to my face, and within seconds, it started bubbling and tingling. Not in a painful way, but in a refreshing way. It really felt like the mask was seeping down into my pores, where I assume it’s intended to be.

Next up, Hair Doctor. To show my true devotion to this job, I even included a borderline embarrassing photo of myself below so you could see firsthand what someone looks like when they apply a hair mask and a face mask on the same night—no judgments, please.

IMG_0866Soon I was scooping the last of the Hair Doctor out of the jar. It got easier with each added scoop. In fact, it felt very much like when a hair stylist applies all-over color to your head. Not going to lie…I loved it.

Before long, my head started to tingle ever so slightly. And to my surprise, it was like a rush of coolness came over my scalp.

Cool, tingling head + bubbly, tingly face = the perfect, refreshing treat!

After 20 minutes, I hopped in the shower and lobbed a bit of conditioner through my hair for good measure, rinsed and voila! BETTER than new! My hair was definitely shinier. Today, it had volume and moisture like I’ve never seen. And my face? Smoother than a baby’s bottom. Sorry, but honestly—my face felt great.

Conclusion: Hair masks are still silly, but I would definitely recommend trying it sometime—they work! And personally, it would have been fun to try with a few girlfriends, so definitely get together and share the experience. I can imagine the countdown for the first application…3 – 2 – 1… go! <squeals>

Hair Doctor by LUSH Handmade Cosmetics, $12; Available at

Detox Face Mask by Malin + Goetz, $40; Available locally at Atticus, 18 N. Carroll St., Madison; (608) 204-9001 or

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