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Iconi and the key to my heart

August 11, 2009

IMG_0842Each month I run around town from store to store picking up things to feature in the magazine. It’s fun, yes, but the downfall (although only my bank account considers it a downfall) is that I usually end up purchasing a few things here and there, both to support local shops and because they’re simply irresistible. I couldn’t go another week without telling you all about one of my most prized finds I snatched up while putting together the August issue.

While I was at Iconi Interiors interviewing the owner, Coni, for what we call “Live in the Moment,” I was perusing her charming store (OK, more like drooling over all the cutesy vintage things she has on display) and I came across a coveted item that I had been looking for for months: a key necklace.

Tiffany & Co. had come out with their line of keys a while back, and their ads were sprinkled throughout the spring and summer fashion magazines, tempting me to go online and check them out—which I did, of course. But as I’m trying to keep myself on somewhat of a budget these days (seriously!), I couldn’t justify hundreds of dollars for the necklace.

So when I found an entire rack of vintage key necklaces at Iconi Interiors for about $20 a pop, I knew I had waited for a reason! Shown here is the key I chose…I particularly enjoy the long chain, as I’m a fan of longer necklaces. However I did notice that Coni (who collects the keys and puts together all the necklaces herself) stocked a wide variety of chain lengths and key sizes, so if it’s a key you crave, there’s something for everyone.

And while Tiffany’s keys may look shiny and new, I’ve developed a jewelry-crush on the brassy, vintage look of my key necklace—it’s got more wear and tear…it’s been through a life I’ll never know! And the best part is that it just seems to go with everything in my closet. What more could I ask for?!

Iconi Interiors is located at 534 W. Washington Ave., Madison; (608) 441-0077

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